Who is The Music Maker

All my life, I have been around music. I started playing the piano at a young age. While completing my studies of MPA and Biomedical Sciences at the VU University in Amsterdam, I was often asked to perform as a musician. The demand increased and I decided to setup my own company named: The Music Maker.

When I started playing piano I thought: This not for me! I quit after two years, but I picked it up again shortly and started to teach myself the basics. Gradually, I taught myself how to improvise and played in a blues band. From 2005/2006, I started to accompany singers during singing lessons in a small studio and this suited me very well. The following year, I was asked to accompany amateur musicals. When I attended the VU University in Amsterdam, I was active as a pianist in a restaurant where I played in the background during dinners. Additionally, I gained experience playing on voluntary basis for nursing homes. In 2010, I came in contact with improvisational theater and knew right away that this was what I wanted. Improvising and playing based on what you see on stage, creating atmosphere and guiding the scene. Of course, the study went on, and I could not accept every offer I would get. My network grew and, even from abroad, people started asking for workshops in musical improvisation. In 2011, I was asked by Boom Chicago to play during an audition, this was the final push. They appointed me as their regular musician and I currently work at Boom Chicago as Musical Director.

Sacha Hoedemaker, The Music Maker

What does The Music Maker do?

Since 2010, I have been active as a freelance musician for improvisational theater. Furthermore, I created my own home studio in 2015. Allowing me to record and produce tracks for theater, singers, musicians and music lovers.

I have over 10 years of experience playing the piano as a professional, and perform daily in a theater as a Musical Director in Amsterdam. I have been accompanying singers since 2005. Enjoying this so much, I wanted to see if there are singers or musicians that would benefit from having a pianist always ready to record piano versions of songs!

Since backing tracks are often hard to find, or just too clunky. The Music Maker can record any song, with the exact notes that you provide. Notes such as, skip certain parts or add an extra chorus, as well as transpose the song in any key, or play it in a completely different style or tempo. 

What The Music Maker offers are fully customized piano tracks for any song and a guaranteed high quality audio file, fully produced and suitable for any use. Futhermore, I can produce entire tracks and scoring for short films or jingles.