Helping people has been at the core of my being since I was in primary school. I would love to
talk to people and listen to other people’s stories. I would offer my thoughts on those stories
and made them see an overview of how things looked on the outside. I started playing piano
at a young age and kept going until high school.

Through high school, I played for singers and learned to ‘musically listen and respond’ to singers
and help them convey their story in song. While studying Biomedical Sciences, I played in the
background of restaurants and accompanied musicals. In 2009, I was introduced to improvisational
theater and that’s where the true learning began. I dove deep into theater, explored and tried to
fully embody the principles of ‘Yes, and’. Always saying ‘Yes, and’ to opportunities and people, helping others out got me the network I have today. This attitude helped me gain recognition in the improvisation community of the Netherlands and eventually led to a job offer at Boom Chicago.

In 2015, I was promoted to Music Director at Boom Chicago and so I founded The Music
Maker as a sole proprietorship. I knew what to do as a musician. I could understand musically
what was going on in a song and could react to what was about to happen when an
improviser would start to sing. Anticipating and playfully create harmonies as they were
happening in real-time. However, that ability was not all that was necessary as Music Director.
Sketches played a big part in the shows and because some of the parts were scripted, I was
faced with a new challenge; recording and producing music.

I started producing music for the show to the best of my knowledge. Fully emerged and
continuing the ‘Yes, and’ attitude at Boom Chicago, I learned what I could from video’s and
reading. However, I felt that this did not offered me the result I was looking for. Professional
tutoring and guidance was needed. While looking for potential classes, I came across the
Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam. I found the right place.

The challenge wasn’t necessary to learn the skills of music production I needed to produce
music. It was to gain a full overview of what Music Production and Sound Engineering is, as
well as every other aspect from recording music to releasing it into the world. This knowledge
is for many an enigma and through Abbey Road Institute, I learned from the best to be able to
use that knowledge to help and inspire others.  

Sacha Hoedemaker, 2020