The Music Maker Services

Since its establishment in 2015, after working for more than 10 years as a musician and 5

years as a Music Producer, The Music Maker never misses a deadline and has the ability to

improvise on the spot. With a personal approach, The Music Maker comes up with a clear

planning strategy for the project and makes sure it is executed with the highest standard.

The Music Maker is a hub of music and audio. With a large network and extensive knowledge

that is readily available. The Music Maker provides a range of services with a quick

turnaround on creative ideas. As The Music Maker is not bound to a label or other exclusivity

deals, it is important that The Music Maker gets to know the story before a collaboration is

approved. It is important for The Music Maker to believe in the project, and analyze that the

project is a good fit for the values of both parties.

The services of The Music Maker consists of, but are not limited to the following:

Music Director

The Music Maker has been working as a Music Director for nearly a decade and has

overseen the production of over ten shows at Boom Chicago. As a Music Director, research is

done in order to find the perfect music for the project. This could be original and existing

material. This service is provided for a company in need for musical direction. This service is

mainly directed at theaters and theater-production companies, but The Music Maker is always

looking to expand into a wider variety of clients.


The Music Maker stands for high quality performances and recordings, regardless of budget.

Clients can pay for a certain amount of hours or ask for an estimate on a certain project. The

Music Maker can work as a composer-for-hire for various projects. Backing tracks for singers

will only take 2-3 hours and are thus very accessible for singers with a tight budget.

Additionally, The Music Maker can be hired as session musician, with skills as a musical

improviser, The Music Maker can come up with a personal touch to any song on the spot as

well as play the song exactly as intended. Finally, The Music Maker can commit to larger

projects per request.

Recording, Production, Mixing, Mastering

Having overseen numerous projects from start to finish, The Music Maker can be hired to

facilitate the recording, production, mixing and/or mastering of a music production project as

well as provide guidance to artists wanting to fulfill these roles themselves.

Publishing, Distribution

After having recorded a song, artists can contact The Music Maker to be guided in the

process of publishing and distribution. This can be done for them, or when requested, the

artist can be personally guided through the entire process. By the end of that process, the

artist will comprehend and be able to apply all the necessary tools in order to get in contact

with industry professionals, as well as handle the release of future songs themselves if they

wish to do so.

Musical Improvisation

The Music Maker has over a decade of experience as musical improviser. “His professional

experience combined with an eye and timing for theater made him a highly sought after

Musical Director and improvisers across Europe”. This skill has been taught to improvisation

actors and musicians from across the world. Being able to master your instrument and play

freely is highly sought-after by aspiring- and professional musicians. Over the years as Music

Director for several international Improvisation Festivals, The Music Maker has developed a

curriculum of workshops and exercises improve a singer/musician’s ability to improvise. This

service can be taught on a one-to-one session and in groups up to 6 participants for

musicians and 20 for singers. One of the fundamental rules of improvisation is to say “Yes,

and”. This is what The Music Maker brand wishes to put forth into the world, by helping

people and businesses realize their music and audio-related goals.

Thus, a one-stop-shop to bring a creative idea and receive a product that matches and

expands on that vision.